PETERSBURG – I can’t start my day without coffee. And it’s not because of rushing effect of caffeine. I just love the taste of freshly brewed coffee. My preferences are mostly specific for all of my friends in Petersbug, Rusia, but for someone it will sounds ordinary.

Black coffee and macarone in Petersburg (Photo: Ksenia/ THE EDITOR)

I know that professional baristas and true coffee lovers don’t recognized robusta and prefer use only arabica in cafes and restaurants because this type of grain gives more multifaceted and rich taste, reveals the taste of grain and gives different notes in the taste and aroma of prepared drink.

But there are many people and much more opinions. My perfect cup of coffee will include robusta grain and made on espresso machine.

My favorite drink needs to bevery hot bitter americano without sugar or milk but always with something sweet on desert. It can be fruits, chocolate or honey. That is my guilty pleasue.

In Petersburg there are many different cafes of different price categories, starting from 1 and ending to 10$. Basically, the cost depends on the following points.

The first one is category of a place where you order it. For example, if this is some kind of restaurant then most likely the cost will be high there, but the quality of the drink is middling.

Since usual restaurants do not specialize in the preparation of drinks, they choose automatic machines that work according to standard mechanisms without the participation of specially trained people – the barista, and brew an absolutely ordinary drink, which is not memorable.

The average price of americano in St. Petersburg’s restaurant will be about 2$ and cappuccino or latte from 4 to 6 $.

The second one is the volume of a drink. There is a very simple logic large volume of a drink costs higher. Usually the price difference is not so significant, plus 1-2$ to a standard portion.

The third would be the additional toppings and alternative milk. If you like to add various syrups to the drink or ask to make a drink in almond, soy or coconut milk, then the cost automatically increases from 1 to 3$ plus.

For my own coffee, I choose not large restaurants, but local cozy coffee houses. There, I will always be greeted by the friendly barista, as my old friend.

They will tell me what sort of a grain they have today in the filter and advise the most delicious freshly prepared dessert. This is what I adore!

At such moments, I don’t want to rush and run anywhere, but just enjoy my drink and atmosphere. I think, that many people share this point of view with me. That’s why we love coffee.

Morning coffee for me is not a usual drink, it’s a special ritual which helps me to waking up and concentrate on the upcoming day.

With coffee my breakfast can last an entire hour. Yes, it’s possible, especially on weekends. For me is very important a coffee flavor. Like I said before, I prefer a bitter drink made from robusta grain or arabica and robusta 50/50.

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