RUSSIA – I cannot but mention that Petersburg is a city on the water and an integral part of traveling here is a walk along the rivers and canals on a small boat.

Fotografer : Ksenia for The Editor

The most suitable activity after walking on long distances is boating. Take care of
your legs, they will come in handy.

And of course, the main reason why millions of tourists come here from all over the
country and a whole world is The Building Bridges.

Everyone wants to see with their own eyes this picture from postcards sold in every souvenir shop.

In total, there are more than 400 bridges in St. Petersburg and 12 of them are bred from the end of April to November.

The bridges in Petersburg are one of the most beautiful sights for city guests.

Probably, I will not mention that The Hermitage and The Russian Museum, The Summer Garden, The Peter and Paul Fortress are obligatory for visiting, any guide will do this for me.

However, if you have free time, I recommend to go out of town and visit the parks in Pushkin
and Peterhof.

There are lots of places which I’m not mention certainly deserve attention.

It is probably a good challenge for people who wants to try this world with their own.

It is the reason to come back here and find something truly resonant inside.

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