RUSIA – Why people love coffee? Many countries and nationalities made a cult of it. For example Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Ethiopia or Vietnam.

Black Coffee (Photo: Ksenia/ THE EDITOR)

It’s just a small list of countries that I can remember for a five seconds, in fact it’s more longer.

People make appointments over a cup of coffee, take coffee breaks in their work and start their day with this drink. So what is the secret?

The main legend about coffee is associated with the very beginning of the glorious journey through countries and continents.

In ancient times, the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi distracted from the herd, and then noticed that his goats became agitated and almost uncontrollable.

After observing them, the shepherd realized that it was the red berries that the herd was eating from the nearest bush. Then he tasted them, the berries turned out to be not very pleasant, but on the other hand, fatigue completely disappeared.

So, this is the way how human firstly tried coffee. Then the nomads began to consume berries in long journeys, eventually discovering a way to turn them into coffee beans, which they first learned to brew. They spread coffee all over the Arab world and the first coffee plantations were born in Yemen.

Then in the history of coffee there were bans on it, and attempts to turn it into a national currency, and religious disputes about the decency of coffee drinking.

The first Europeans to recognize this drink were Italians. As you know, Venice had a monopoly in Europe on the import of outlandish goods. And over the green waves of the Adriatic it smelled of fresh coffee, and still smells.

Coffee appeared in France at the royal court in 1669, the drink was presented to Louis XIV by the Turkish ambassador.

By the way, the most correct idea to roast coffee beans was born precisely in Turkey. The fried grains were crushed, and then the drink was cooked in cezves (until the first froth).

Perhaps not a single product has caused so many disputes about benefits and harm to health as coffee. According to doctors, caffeine can be considered simultaneously as a minus and a plus. Coffee does not begin to act immediately, but within 20-30 minutes.

And not for everyone, it acts excitingly – for someone depressingly. It all depends on the type of nervous system.

It is better to drink coffee in the morning, before 16 hours, and choose natural coffee which is brewed just before serving.

Ideally, it is better to use it without milk and various sweeteners, as well as separately from meals.

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